Sunday, December 12, 2010

Opinion column: Medical Marijuana

Published in the Montana Kaimin, 9/16/2010
Disturbing the Peace: No, really, I get these headaches...

Did you go to Hempfest this weekend?

Did you peruse the 98 percent hemp fiber T-shirts and impressive crystal collections?  Did you learn that if we would have industrialized hemp 100 years ago there would have been no need for welfare, World War II or fossil fuels? Hemp, Hemp, Hooray!

Were you informed about all the distinct differences that separate hemp from cannabis, while browsing through the 5-foot bongs, bubblers and vaporizers at the glass table?

Hold on now, that paraphernalia is strictly for medical use. That's right, finally a medicine we can smoke! The days of freebasing aspirin are over!

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